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We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

We have helped IT companies build engineering capabilities.
Our Approach is on Strategic planning and utilizing technology to satisfy business requirements to create effective processes.

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Kapil Bhalala
Director & Founder Tech
why choose us

Custom IT Solutions for Your Business

The word Custom IT solution means broad services that include an analysis of your business ideas and requirements, and then implement those ideas from the technical point of view. We convert your needs and goals into your own unique IT products. Do you need a Custom software solutions? Alright. Our recommendations fit your demands.

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IT Consultancy

We help you to access different technology strategies according to your business.

Cyber Security

We protect your software from unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.

Cloud Computing

We deliver different types of services through the internet. These resources are tools and applications like data storage, servers, and databases.

Backup & Recovery

We will set up secure systems that will recover your data in case of a loss.


How we work

Guidance on technology

Describe your project’s needs and objectives to us in as much detail as possible. We create different technologies with a hiring strategy and technical consultation based on your goals.

Analog is different from other online platforms

With Analog’s team extension service, you may add top-notch developers to your team who have been thoroughly validated. We take care of all the components of identifying and screening.

for your project, the best developers

We can assist you in finding the best developers for the task and ensure that the project is completed on schedule, whether you want to expand your current tech team or create a separate project from scratch.

Deliver high-quality software on schedule and within your budget.

With our completely managed software development solution, you receive tries-and-true procedures and knowledge that guarantee remote engagement produces fruitful outcomes.

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We are serving clients worldwide. With the increase in the number of customers, we have been having extensive growth in our company for the last few years. We are a trusted partner for global businesses who are looking to simplify their challenges with the use of technology.

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Completed Projects
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Meet Our Leadership

Kapil Bhalala

Chief Technology Officer

Anirudh Savaliya

Chief Financial Officer

Chirag Thaker

Chief executive officer


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Do I need a business plan?

A business plan can help you get new business partners. Here, if you have a business plan then it’s good but if you don’t, then we can help you to get ideas or future plans.

How can I Contact you??

You can contact us through the contact us menu. Another way of contact is our email which is provided in the website. Also you can call us, for that the contact number is available in the top right corner of our website.

In which fields you are providing solutions??

Currently, we are providing solutions in the field including CRM, ERP, LMS, CMS, IoT, and eCommerce.


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